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SmartCapsLock Menu Bar Icons

Caps Lock Off. Caps Lock On.

SmartCapsLock sits quietly in your menu bar and acts as an indicator always telling you if Caps Lock is on or off.

SmartCapsLock Preferences

Upper, lower, capitalized, reversed, sentence cases.

When you're using SmartCapsLock and you select text and press Caps Lock, everything but the first letter of each sentence will be turned to lower case. But that's not all, you can convert text to UPPER, lower, rEVERSE, Capitalized cases too.

Press Caps Lock holding Option ⌥ and the case will be reversed (all uppercase letters will be turned to lowercase and lowercase letters to uppercase). For more combinations, check the preferences by clicking the menu bar icon.

SmartCapsLock Energy Usage in Activity Monitor

Energy efficient.

SmartCapsLock has been carefully optimized so that it doesn't use any energy until Caps Lock is pressed, making sure your MacBook's battery lasts just as long.

OS X El Capitan

Compatible with OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra.

SmartCapsLock works seamlessly with all the new security features in El Capitan and Sierra — including System Integrity Protection, so you don't have to worry about disabling anything.

It is compatible with all non-cat releases like Mavericks and Yosemite (I swear I like cats, it's just Apple's Swift language which doesn't support them).

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